From yourdailymuse19


I always am swimming

You always are swimming

Different directions

Different purpose

Different lives

The past behind us like a whirlpool, sucking you in,

The Future before us like an enchantress

I forget the present at times,

For the pleasant feel of the water is overwhelmed by terrors,


The past, it threatens to drown me.

I flee, fearing the icy depths of remembrance.

Recalling…. what?

Things best left in the past.

I am covered in scars.

Even in the present, this salty water stings, time and again.

No matter what, I swim forward. Determined.

Ah the future!

So bright, so shiny.

Like the sun, ever above me.

Warm sometimes, yet others….

Searing doom, its rays of yellow fall on me.

Yet still, other times, better times,

I swim, aware.

“Aware of what?”

Responding with a smile. “The water is amazing!”

Sublime, truly, it is.

It wraps itself around you, like a blanket,

Just as it warms you, it drowns you just as fast.

Beware the mysteries it holds.

Lifting you up, or sending you down to the depths.

Challenge the water.

Come what will, come what may.

Yet me, I hope.

“For what?”

Till the time when the past, present, and future are one.



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