Jake Asmah

Photo by Aleksandr Barsukov on Unsplash

To walk across, I dare not.

Fate beckons.

I pray, yet, I feel

my distress reaches not heaven.

I take a faltering step into the unknown

Doubt plagues my very step.

The bridge groans neath my step, the weight of the world ladened on it.

Yet, something pushes me forward, Destiny

Rays of sunlight fall before me,

The heavens opened. Hope returned.

The bridge, conquered, yet the journey before me.

I know not where I go, but my Saviour leads me on.



Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The words come rushing forth onto you,

A Torrent, a deluge,

Flooding you with my ink,

A frenzy, a rush,

Can you hold them?

The words, the fragments,

Can you carry them onwards?

The ideas, the patterns,

My hand furiously scribbling onto You,

Rending, tearing

I need you to unload on,

The joys, the sadness,

Have You captured the picture?

The concept, the feeling

Are the words joined or just jargon? I ask,

The complete, the ready

I have completed You.



Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

I am free… to destroy my life.

Is this the only way?

I am free… but death haunts my step.

I must serve a master, that is the only Way.

I am free… to death and sin in me.

Upon his shoulders and in his scars, freedom does he hold?

I am freed… only by dying.

In Christ, I die, born again.

I am freed…. He has removed the chains of my soul.

Is there freedom? Is not Christ the only freedom?

I am freed… in Christ alone.



Photo by Alexander Jawfox on Unsplash

I am free… maybe.

Chains, linked to my feet

I am free… to bind myself

I love my prison, built by my hands.

I am free… to build (What?)

Must I serve others or myself?

I am free…. I lie.

Does my freedom lie to me?

I am free… my soul weighs heavy on me.

Soul-tied, Soul -linked to weights of sin and failure.

I am free… It is my right!

What are my rights? Are they my jailers?

I am free… to…

What are the lies? Do I make them?

I am free… To the wind, I shout in vain.

Railing against the world that I enslave myself to in freedom.

I am free… never.

I am freed… in Christ alone.



From yourdailymuse19

I always am swimming

You always are swimming

Different directions

Different purpose

Different lives

The past behind us like a whirlpool, sucking you in,

The Future before us like an enchantress

I forget the present at times,

For the pleasant feel of the water is overwhelmed by terrors,